September 8 – Morning

09.30 hrsArrival and coffee
10.00 hrsWelcome
Adrian Rankers, President Conference – Mechatronics Academy
10.10 hrsHow to make your sustainability program sustainable?
Maarten van Andel, Director at Fontys University of Applied Sciences,
author De Groene Illusie

10.55 hrsBreak
11.15 hrsAddressing Big Societal Challenges: Think Small! How Mechatronics enabled TEM Microscopy
can help Innovation & Sustainable Developments
Laurens  Kwakman, Sr. Market Development manager Materials & Structural Analysis,
Thermo Fisher Scientific

12.00 hrsPlenary introduction of demonstrations & posters
12.10 hrsLunch
13.10 hrsVisit to demonstrations & posters

September 8 – Afternoon

SESSION 1 – System Design 1
14.10 hrsVirtual Print Process Development
Bart Theelen, Canon Production Printing

14.30 hrsT-Flex: Large range of motion fully flexure based 6-DOF hexapod
Mark Naves, University of Twente
14.50 hrs

Design and Demonstration of the 320 m/s2 High-NA EUV Reticle Stage Long Stroke Motor and Testrig
Joost Bolder, ASML

15.10 hrsBreak
SESSION 2 – Control
15.40 hrsHigh precision hot water control in consumer appliances
Neal Meijers, PVC Group
16.00 hrsAdaptive control for mechanical ventilation for improved pressure support
Bram Hunnekes, Demcon
16.20 hrs

Feedforward Spectral Tuning and Using Iterative Learning Control for Automated Parameter `Fitting
Leon Jabben, MI-Partners

16.40 hrsVisit to 30 demonstrations & posters
SESSION 3 – Novel Systems & Applications
17.40 hrsIntegrating Atom Probe Tomography in HR TEM
Hugo van Leeuwen, ThermoFisher Scientific
18.00 hrsDevelopment and first light of a 1-liter laser communication terminal for minituarized
Gert Witvoet, TNO
18.20 hrsAgro-robotics is coming…
Richard van Lieshout, MTA
20.00 hrsDinner & Social event

September 9 – Morning

08.30 hrsAdvanced thermal control for precision systems
Theresa Spaan-Burke, CTO IBS Precision Engineering

09.20 hrsBreak
SESSION 4 – Special Topics
09.40 hrs

Molecular heat transfer in rarefied gas: experimental determination of thermal accommodation
Joris Oosterhuis, Philips Innovation Services

10.00 hrs

Topology optimization of stress-constrained short-range precision flexures insensitive to
manufacturing errors
Stijn Koppen, Delft University of Technology

10.20 hrsActive EMI noise compensation
Mart Coenen, EMCMCC

10.40 hrsBreak
SESSION 5 – Design Principles
11.00 hrsDesign of a High Stiffness, High Repeatability Kinematic Coupling
Robin Trines, Janssen Precision Engineering
11.20 hrsA novel spherical flexure joint with a large motion range
Jelle Rommers, Delft University of Technology
11.40 hrsCleanliness design guidelines and verification methods for metrology systems
Marcel Kouters, NTS Group
12.00 hrsLunch
13.00 hrsVisit to demonstrations & posters

September 9 – Afternoon

SESSION 6 – Metrology & Calibration
14.00 hrsGravitational wave detector: an oversized strain gauge of sensitivity 10−23 m/m 
Erik Hennes, Nikhef
14.20 hrsSub-nm reproducibility of mm-range distance measurements using a
Large Dynamice Range AFM
Rudolf Herfst, TNO
14.40 hrsModel-based calibration of the Wafer Edge Protection (WEP) module 
Jeroen de Boeij, Kulicke & Soffa
15.00 hrsBreak
SESSION 7 – System Design 2
15.20 hrsDirect or Indirect, that is the (essential) question
Niels Koenraad, Nobleo

15.40 hrsDesign of a multi-DOF planar piezo-electric actuator for a deformable
wafer chuck
Sander Hermanussen, Eindhoven University of Technology
16.00 hrsModel-based calibration of the Wafer Edge Protection (WEP) module
Christian Sander, Physik Instrumente (PI)
16.20 hrsBreak
16.30 hrsBest Contribution Award & Closing