DSPE Conference 2018

Conference on Precision Mechatronics

We are proud to announce the 4th DSPE conference on precision mechatronics, which will take place on September 4-5, 2018 at the inspiring conference location De Ruwenberg in Sint Michielsgestel, The Netherlands.

This conference – by & for technologists, designers and architects in precision mechatronics – is targeted at companies and professionals that are member of:

  • DSPE
  • Brainport Industries
  • Mechatronics contact groups MCG
  • Mechatronic Systems Knowledge Exchange MSKE
  • System Architecting Study Group SASG
  • Selected companies/academia

Cooperation and communication within a professional community contributes to a wider utilization of the community’s capabilities and competences and a better positioning of the community in the global market.
Next to the presentation of papers, posters and demonstrations, the conference will also provide an atmosphere for networking, technical discussion, and sharing the enthusiasm of working in this challenging field of precision mechatronics.

Theme ‘Precision Imagineering’
This year’s theme ‘Precision Imagineering’ stands for the combination of Precision, Imagining and Engineering. It is inspired by the discussion in the Advisory Board that any successful business starts with a dream or with ‘Imagination’ but it takes ‘Engineering’ skills in the broadest meaning to actually transform the initial idea into a successful product and business. When it comes to precision engineering products it is evident that one needs to master the various aspects of precision engineering (design principles, dynamics, control, thermal aspects, contamination, …) in great depth. But the development of modern mechatronic devices, like IC equipment, electron microscopes, harvesting robots or medical robots for eye surgery, also requires mastering the art of managing complexity by applying systems engineering and having a keen eye on the growing importance of software and the possibilities and challenges that new developments such as artificial intelligence and deep learning offer to the precision engineering community.
In line with the above we strive to extend the traditional core topics of the conference with a session about software and systems engineering aspects in the development of precision equipment and the conference will be open to members of the SASG (System Architecting Study Group). Also we will select the guest speakers in line with the conference’ focus.
With three guest speakers, 21 oral presentations and hopefully many posters and demonstrations, and a social event there will be plenty of food for thought, discussion and networking.

Areas of interest
Areas of interest include (but are not limited to): pm-stability, disruptive technologies & approaches, additive manufacturing, topology optimization, new materials, design principles, sensors, actuators, metrology, imaging technology, thermal design, vacuum & contamination, motion control, dynamics & acoustics, reliability, energy efficiency, machine specs vs. user needs, new business, value creation, open innovation, …


Call for abstracts

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